Double Domme

Mistress Helena & Mistress Cat




Tributes for double domme sessions at the Huddersfield dungeon start from £500 for 90 minutes. Priority will be given to extended sessions. The tributes below are given as a general guideline.

90 minutes£500
2 hours£640
3 hours£920
4 hours£1200
5 hours£1400
Additional hours£200

Huddersfield Dommes

Additional charges may apply to certain BDSM activities. Travel charges and minimum duration may apply for outcall sessions depending upon location.

Shopping trips will have a minimum spend and a deposit requirement.

Overnight double domme sessions are available. Tributes and deposits vary depending upon the location and experience desired.

Discounts may be available for longer experiences such as confinement, crossdressing makeovers and social events such as dinner dates and BDSM party companions.

London Tour tributes will be published when Tour dates are announced. These will take place in 5* accommodation or a London Chambers to be confirmed upon booking.

Fly Mistresses To You (FMTY)

Would you like to whisk double domme mistresses away? Our passports are ready and we are willing to travel to dominate you. We understand that plotting and planning an extended adventure with us is very exciting. If we have not yet had the pleasure of meeting then an initial tribute of £200 will be required before we enter these discussions. Once this initial tribute has been received we will happily discuss the finer details and potential dates of travel. Please note once dates are confirmed, all FMTY sessions require a 50% deposit plus travel costs to be transferred in full prior to us booking our flights.

Rules of Engagement

The following rules apply to all submissives contacting Mistress Helena and Goddess Cat. For those who require firmer guidance, an individual Submissive Protocol can be drawn up and agreed by all parties.

1. Submissive will always address Mistress Helena and Mistress Cat correctly as Mistress or Goddess. Helena and Cat may be used in public settings if deemed more appropriate.

2. Submissive will respect the right to privacy and confidentiality of Mistress Helena and Goddess Cat. Mistress Helena and Goddess Cat will always respect the privacy and confidentiality of Submissive. What happens in the Huddersfield dungeon stays in the Huddersfield dungeon.

3. Submissive will respect the honour of having Mistress Helena’s mobile number and only send polite, concise text messages. Good manners are paramount.

4. Submissive understands the need for a deposit and will organise in a timely manner once the session time, date and location has been confirmed. A 30% deposit is required for sessions at the Huddersfield dungeon and a 50% deposit is required for all outcall sessions and FMTY.

5. Submissive will confirm before 9am on the day of the session by text message.

6. Submissive will be punctual and arrive on time for every session.

7. Should an unforeseen event occur affecting an arranged session, Submissive will inform Mistress Helena and Goddess Cat at the first available opportunity.

8. Upon arrival, Submissive will present Mistress Helena and Goddess Cat with the remaining tribute in an unsealed envelope.

9. Submissive may bring a gift. Gifts are never expected but always appreciated.

10. Submissive will always maintain good hygiene. Shower facilities are available and Submissive is welcome to freshen up on arrival and before departure. Mistress Helena and Goddess Cat maintain impeccable hygiene and expect the same standard from Submissive.

11. Submissive will inform Mistress Helena and Goddess Cat of any health concerns.

12. Submissive will inform Mistress Helena and Goddess Cat of their likes and hard limits. Mistress Helena and Goddess Cat will always respect these boundaries.

13. Submissive will always treat the Huddersfield dungeon with respect when visiting and will keep the address private.

14. Submissive will respect and trust Mistress Helena and Goddess Cat and all parties will enjoy exploring the world of BDSM together.